Law 295b and 295c of the Pakistani Penal Code states that whoever blasphemes against the Quran or Muhammed, the prophet of islam, will receive the death penalty or a life sentence. W hoever is accused of blasphemy in Pakistan, is declared to be an outcast and can be threatened without repercussions. Also judges, police and lawyers who defend the victims, can be harassed or threatened. Even which the court decides that there has been no blasphemy, those who have been accused, will never be safe in Pakistan. At this moment, because of this enduring situation, many christians are attempting to flee the country.

Proverbs 31:8 Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves,   for the rights of al I who are destitute.




The case Asia Bibi, the most well known case of blasphemy. has also received media attention here in the West. Because of an escalation between two neighbours, she has been in prison for years, blamed for blasphemy. PMA Ran by Latif Bhatti has handled her case in the past.

Savan Masih was arrested on March 2013 because of blasphemy. After the accusation the residential colony St. Joseph-Badami Bah Lahore was burned by a muslim mob where many christians had to flee. The police did not interfere when muslims looted the houses and bumed them. On 24th of March 2014 he received the death penalty in court and 200.000 rupee as fine.

Om April 4th Shafaqat Emmanuel and Shagufta Kausar, a christian couple, received the death penalty because they were accused of sending an text message, containing blasphemy, on their phone. Both are illiterate and cannot read or write English, let alone write text messages.